Strange Hybrids: The Art of Robert W. Walker

The art of Ohio-based painter Robert Walker leaps from genre tropes to the nakedly reactive core of your id, creating images that are visceral, beautiful, full of intrigue — and real danger. From his "environmental surrealism" to a gorgeously disturbing Wonderland, you are advised to proceed with caution.

The art of Robert Walker occupies an unsettling intersection in the visual atlas of our world, invoking black metal album covers, fine art gallery showings, and Mad Comics grotesqueries: A children’s classic such as “Alice in Wonderland” reveals its nightmarish underbelly; science-fictional futures are mutated into distorted works of “environmental surrealism.” This includes “GMO,” a Monsanto parody ad that combines the corporate criticism of Ron English with depictions of real ecological horrors. It’s art that leaps from genre tropes to the reactive core of your id: visceral, beautiful, shocking.

I — “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass”

II — Environmental Surrealism

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Robert Walker

Robert Walker

From the imagination of Robert W. Walker comes unique and captivating works that are both thought provoking and stunningly beautiful. A self-taught artist, and an avid reader, Walker gains inspiration from the stories he immerses himself in.

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