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Hey, we launched a Patreon page for The Fabulist. Check it out, and why not sign up?

Our website is and always will be free, free, free — but as a Patreon subscriber you’ll also get a bunch of choice benefits:

• The Fabulist’s Pocket Pixelarium: A monthly ebook rounding up all of our new stories each month, designed for easy reading on all ebook readers and ebook-enabled devices.

• Access to the Confabulist’s Convergence, our new, twice-yearly meetup and mini-conference. We’ll host AMA with our editors and readers, author interviews, an open-mic for flash fiction authors, featured author readings, interviews and more.

• Our Annual Print Bundle, snail-mailed to your preferred mail drop, art prints and stickers, flash-fiction postcards, and merch as available and appropriate.

• A brag-worthy listing on our website’s Wordly Wall of Wonders.

The Fabulist is growing! 2021 is our final year as a non-paying writer’s market. In 2022 we will be paying all contributors an honorarium as a first step towards a per-word rate. (Our staffing remains at this time all-volunteer.) Your support will help us meet these goals, and will net you some excellent lit-art booty along the way.

Thank you for making so much possible by supporting The Fabulist on Patreon.

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