The Dark Between Cells

Minnesota poet Erik Bergholm's lush and haunted verse invokes vast gulfs of space and time, and secret, devouring intimacies.

the dark between cells,
humid with the buried scent
of Venusian fronds.

A message
scrawled by wanderers
in the underverse of flesh
with the crimson ink that pools
beneath Jupiter’s storm clouds.

Its words
feel of distance.

It speaks
with images
that burn a cool fire
as they trace
the smooth path of the neck,

urging us to question
why ancient Mu
beheld the sea’s maddened advance
and responded only
with the beatific grin
of a martyr.

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Erik Bergholm

Erik Bergholm

Erik Bergholm has been published in HelloHorror, Ghostlight and Horror Bites, among others. He enjoys writing and reading about aliens, alien gods, alien worlds, and beer. He lives with his lovely wife and two furry children in northern Minnesota.

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