Rock Fantasia at the Nebula Awards


“Rock Fantasia” is a series of digital illustrations by Fabulist art director Adam Myers, inspired by rock ‘n’ roll lyrics written by science fiction and fantasy authors. They were printed in a limited-edition of glossy 6″x9″ color postcards, which were included in the Nebula Awards Weekend conventioneer book bags, and are presented online here for the first time. Thanks to Michael Moorcock and John Shirley for authorizing the use of the lyrics, and Rina Weisman of SF in SF for her kind introductions and inclusion of these works.

Rock Fantasia No. 1: “X-Ray Eyes”
(Adam Myers, digital collage and illustration, 2013)

“Do not envy the man who sees beyond the pale / Don’t look there, pluck not at nature’s veil / Do not envy the man with x-ray eyes.”

—John Shirley, from “X-Ray Eyes,” off Blue Öyster Cult’s Heaven Forbid. Check out this music video playlist.

Rock Fantasia No. 2: “Psychic Wars”
(Adam Myers, digital collage and illustration, 2014)

“We are the soldiers at the edge of time / The veterans of a thousand psychic wars.”

—Michael Moorcock, from “Standing at the Edge,” on Hawkwind’s Warrior on the Edge of Time. Listen via Youtube.

Adam Myers

Adam Myers

Adam Myers is the Art Director for The Fabulist Words & Art.

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