The Killer Elite (1975)

A San Francisco mercenary spends a lot of time doing physical therapy.

James “Thief” Caan is the star of this Sam “The Wild Bunch” Peckinpah movie, and while it is not as bad as Bloody Sam’s “Convoy,” it’s still a very bad movie.

However due to the high star wattage of JC and Robert “with moustache” Duvall and the glorious Bay Area location shooting this movie attains a rating of “very watchable”.

My new favorite character actor Bo “?” Hopkins practices skeet shooting on that hill above the Golden Gate Bridge (very normal to just blast shotguns in the Marin headlands!), a spiral staircase is climbed in a rad (Sausalito?) houseboat, and James Caan joins a group of Chinatown tai-chi practitioners.

The plot is quickly lost as most scenes appear to be improvised, but in how many movies is Burt “Rocky’s brother-in-law Pauly” Young playing a cool guy? This might be the only one!

Check it out if you are into people discussing ninja assassins with a straight face, women announcing their virginity status for no reason, or watching a cop run away with a live bomb like a goddamn cartoon.

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Ajax Green

Ajax Green

Ajax Green lives in Oakland, California, and watches a lot of movies.

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