Thief (1981)

A hard-nosed safecracker creates a vision board.

James Caan has never been better as the titular burglar in director Michael Mann’s crime-world masterpiece. Buoyed by the uncanny synth-rock of Tangerine Dream and great photography of gritty Chicago, “Thief” is still the template for what all crime movies could be, but aren’t (read: totally awesome).

Caan is a man with an intention — he has cut up pictures from magazines that represent the life he wants, then he glued them onto a piece of cardboard and keeps it in his wallet as a constant reminder of his hopes and dreams.

While in prison, he made friends with a father-figure (an oddly cast Willie “Whiskey River” Nelson) and I guess the two of them watched a lot of Oprah while in the joint? How else to explain their new age self-realization techniques?

Tuesday “OMG” Weld plays the waitress who agrees to fulfill the “wife” portion of the vision board, despite being stood up for two hours and then being harassed. “What do you got going on in your life that’s so terrific?” is such a romantic way to propose! He’s only got to pull off one last job with his trusty sidekick Jim “Not John” Belushi and he’s set for life!

Check it out if you are into shopping for babies, cool blues bands or burning it all down.

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Ajax Green

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