Try to Remember • September 2021

We’re closing in on the end of the year, and moving past a summer both sweet and sour. Here are some news and updates, as well as a few words on the science-fictional futures that are coming true around us every day.

Coming up: Open calls for short fiction and visual art

Start getting your manuscripts in shape. In early October, The Fabulist will be opening up a submissions window for our Fall 2021 Open Call for Short Fiction. Then, later this winter, our art director Adam Myers will be issuing an open call for visual art.

We will announce the details of our forthcoming short fiction submissions window by mid-September. The best way to keep up with our open calls and get direct links to our Submittable pages is to sign up for our email newsletter or Twitter feed, or follow us via RSS.

Stay tuned, and thank you for your interest in submitting your work to The Fabulist Words & Art.

Patreon! (& the like)

Would you be game to fill out our survey and help us learn more about your interest in being a subscriber or patron of The Fabulist?

Last fall, we at The Fabulist made the determination and declaration that our 2021 publishing season, which we are in the middle of and which runs through the end of the year, would be our last as “nonpaying market.”

To this end, we will shortly be launching a Patreon campaign, offering a variety of monthly subscription levels offering digital incentives and products, including ebooks, and, ultimately (but not anytime soon), regular print publications.

We aspire to pay $0.08/word, which would help The Fabulist advance its goal of becoming a qualifying market for the SFWA, but recognize that it may take some time to get there. Nevertheless, starting in 2022, we are determined to offer some form of monetary compensation to honor the work of our contributors. Your support of our Patreon program will help make that possible.

Again, filling out our subscriber and patron survey will help us get off on the right foot with all this. Thank you!

Living in our stories

This summer has been full of sweet and sour, so forgive us if we linger here on a sentimental note.

The climate catastrophe has been living up to its name, and the stuff of near-future fiction is happening every day, from the continent-spanning pall of smoke of the global wildfire crisis, to the implacable power of the hurricanes and deluges that have drowned people in their cars and homes, flooded streets, and swept away entire neighborhoods.

Amidst this all we still wring the stuff of life and love out of the turmoil and travail. Try to to remember what makes it all worthwhile, and thank you for reading with us. Fiction, poetry and art are their own (sometimes winding) paths toward imagining and making the world we want to live in.

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