Video: Samuel R. Delany profile, interview and readings

Samuel R. Delany is a unique force in science fiction, fantasy and literature whose output over the decades includes early pulp adventures, epic science fiction, philosophical works of fantasy, memoir, criticism, and commentary.

Here’s a fine, bite-sized profile of the good professor.

Interview: Delany at Readercon 2011.

Video by Eric Solstein of Delany reading from “Atlantis & Other New York Tales.” According to Solstein: “He charmingly narrates tales of race, gender, and public sex with strangers.”

Delaney on Afrofuturism. from a Wellesley College interview:

Excerpt from “The Polymath: The Life and Opinions of Samuel R. Delany, Gentleman”

Delany’s 1971 experimental film “The Orchid”:

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