The Dream of the Green Cave

Blood falls through his bodylike a pocketful of keys tossedinto the middle of the sea. Having dreamt last night of enteringthe green cave to hurl his grandfather’spsalms & keys into the cave’s deepest wells, the sound of the keys, as heshook them in the cave’s face,served to vivify the cave’s holiness. Blood falls through his […]

Open Call for Short Fiction, Fall 2020

What? The Fabulist is open for submissions of short (up to 3,000 words) works of fantastical and genre fiction. When? From September 10 ...

Fantastical Fiction, Art and Social Change

Science fiction and fantasy are powerful vehicles for social critique. But that better future we all dream about occasionally requires a little real-world midwifery.

The Basque Wind

Fancy a romantic travelogue, or maybe a mythic tale of elemental passions? Don’t let Anne Wilding’s “The Basque Wind” carry you away …

I Will Work for Love

A domestic cyborg yearns for a life of connection and commitment, but is purchased for entirely different reasons.

Shoppingtown (My Fantasy America III)

Inspired by Italo Calvino’s masterpiece “Invisible Cities,” Oakland author Elizabeth Gonzalaz James describes three fantastical cities encountered in her travels across an American landscape of dreams and fantasy.

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