The Age of the Cuttlefish

This sly, wry, surreal, and vaguely Lovecraftian parable is an apt season closer for the apocalyptic summer of 2020, and an unnerving point of entry for the even more uncertain autumn that's still ahead.

Open Call for Short Fiction, Fall 2020

[NOTE: This open call has been extended through Oct. 24.] Who?You, dear writer, you. We are open to submissions of all sorts from ...

Fantastical Fiction, Art and Social Change

Science fiction and fantasy are powerful vehicles for social critique. But that better future we all dream about occasionally requires a little real-world midwifery.

The Dream of the Green Cave

Spare, vivid and visceral, “The Dream of the Green Cave,” by Illinois poet Shannon Tate Jonas, is a nighttime journey of striking contrasts.

The Basque Wind

Fancy a romantic travelogue, or maybe a mythic tale of elemental passions? Don’t let Anne Wilding’s “The Basque Wind” carry you away …

I Will Work for Love

A domestic cyborg yearns for a life of connection and commitment, but is purchased for entirely different reasons.

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