A Thousand Folds

Dearest Seori of House Yunawon, Have you been sleeping well? I’m writing this just as I have been stirred to waking by the most mysterious yet magnificent of dreams. Something tells me that I must pen it to ...
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December Open Call: Holidays & Seasonal Celebrations

Our next open call for short fiction runs from December 4-10. We welcome fantastical and speculative stories of all sorts, and also would love to see fantastical works themed around holidays and seasonal celebrations. What do we mean by that? Back in the '90s, as a DJ and producer on a now-extinct community radio station in San Francisco, I used to make a point of ...
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What Do We Mean by ‘Post-Colonialism’?

Our November 6-12 submissions window, while open to fantastical and speculative fiction of all sorts, has a special-interest theme of "post-colonialism." What the heck does that actually mean? Read as literally as possible: We are interested in stories that examine human lives and human societies following a period of colonization. (In all fairness — this can and should include stories that take place during colonization, ...
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