Masha Rumer

Masha Rumer (“The Bread Muse”) teaches college journalism and writing in San Francisco and holds a Master’s degree in Comparative Literature. Her work has appeared in Vestal Review,, The Moscow Times, The Huffington Post, Dow Jones Newswires and others, and won awards from the New York Press Association.

The Bread Muse

By Masha Rumer / June 21, 2011 / 4 Comments

A muse, aloft above the rooftops sprinkles packages of starter through gaping chimneys — little gifts of soul satisfaction for those who know how to knead it. Author Masha Rumer provides the recipe in her short yarn (really, a fable-as-vignette) “The Bread Muse.” A writer and educator in the San Francisco Bay Area, Rumer’s work has appeared in […]

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